Valencia – Moto GP & Open to the Sea 2021.

Someone can ask what the Valencia Moto GP race has in common with the Open to the Sea running event. The same date, believe it or not. So, when we decided to go with friends to Valencia since three of them will be spending time on the Ricardo Tormo circuit, I had to find something to do myself. Two of my friends asked me if I’ll go to some running event since I was talking about the race, and there was the idea. Luckily, there was a running event, so I signed up for 15 km race and continue my preparations. 

I was able to find discounted plane tickets and a nice hotel, near the City of Arts and Sciences which is one of my favourite places in Valencia. We will be there for four days there and I  was hoping to enjoy every one of them. After the first cloudy day, the weather was great, the organisation of the Moto GP race flawless as my companions found out, the city was ready to show its best places, so enjoying Spain could start 🙂 

We spent our first day in the City of Arts and Sciences – I like this place a lot and could sit and look at the Hemispheric for hours. Besides, I like the Oceanographic and all the species inside. That was Friday, walking, getting to know the town, metro lines and scenery. Saturday was for them to go to watch training and everything else that Moto GP riders do, and I was to get my running number and t-shirt, and Sunday could come 🙂 Each day was warmer than the one before, but only in the direct sun – in the shadow was pretty cold, so I wasn’t sure how to dress for a race. It was pretty cold when, at 8 AM, went to find the start. My husband and our friends were to leave the hotel later than I did. 

My race was to start near the beach, at 9 AM, and to make one big circle through the Valencia centre. The organisation was good, there were a lot of runners and we started on time. I am not happy with my results, but I finished the race without injuries or any health problems which is important. My results were lousy because it was too hot – after the first five kilometres temperature rise up to 22°C and I had a problem with that. But, I have to come to terms with the fact that everything went well and that participation itself is something that counts. After the race, I spent some time on the beach, stretching and resting and after a while went to the hotel to take a bath, get some rest and wait for the company. 

This Moto GP race was the last one in the 2020/21 season and the last one in the career of Valentino Rossi, so it was very important for watching. He didn’t make any surprises on the track, but the race was good and my travel companions were satisfied. We had one more day in Valencia (more like half of a day) and we enjoyed it as well. 

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