The Thirst – Jo Nesbø

Once the reading block was broken, when it came to Nesbe’s novels, I didn’t pay attention to the order. Thus, after the seventh novel from the series about Harry Hole, I took the eleventh, no less.

One of my strongest impressions of Harry Hole is that he mostly works on “pushing” – he usually needs time to get interested in the case, his very complicated personal life, with all the addictions that hold him back makes it even more difficult and it’s important to wait for that moment when the light turns on, when he smells a puzzle and goes on a chase.

In the novel “The Thirst”, the everyday life of Oslo is rudely disrupted by the murders of women whose only thing in common is a dating app. Until Harry Hule suspects that a new serial killer may have something to do with his old case, which still haunts him because he didn’t solve it, he refuses to commit to solving it. But when he connected the dots – the hunt can begin.

Another one in the series of novels that I read in a few days – surely it has something to do with the fact that I read it on vacation, but certainly very tense, interesting and uncertain, for every recommendation for fans of the genre and maybe for those who will become one.





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