“Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall

Are we really born to run?

Books can change your attitude, a way of thinking and some can change your life. One of these, for me is “Born to Run” which made strong impression and made me look different on running and running shoes, at the first place. Christopher McDougall has interesting, detailed and clear writing style.  

Chris McDougall is former marathon runner who didn’t won’t to give up running, in spite of knee injuries, so he decided to find a solution for his problem. During this thoroughly research he had found out something very interesting, simple and so logical – we, as homo sapiens, are born to run and modern running shoes do not bring us good – more additions bring incorrect way of wade and more injuries.

So, McDougall (TED speech) manages to find and get in touch with Mexican tribe Tarahumara, whose members run barefoot or almost barefoot and can do it for hours and hours. Besides, this theory is confirmed by lots of sports trainers and podiatrists. Long story shorten – there is a movement of barefoot runners that grows on daily bases. Even big sports companies made some shoes for barefoot running.

This book made me try  barefoot-shoes, and I would like to go to Vibram FiveFingers 🙂 Everything seems fine, for now, we’ll see VCM experience 😉

Author: Bebika

Rođena 8.07.1972. kao Danijela Vesić, viši knjižničar na Pozajmnom odeljenju NB "Sveti Sava" u Aranđelovcu. Volim lepe reči, tonove i pesme. Majka, tetka i rekreativac.

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