Once Again – Magnificent Santorini

Last year, during the purchase of the Valencia aeroplane tickets, I got an offer for some discounts if I join Wizz Discount Club. The current purchase would pay off my club membership 😀 so the newsletter fun began. During the winter I was able to buy two tickets Belgrade – Santorini – Belgrade for just 45€, for the end of August. The idea was to pursue that vacation if we could manage it. I already was on this beautiful island, liked everything and was very happy about the opportunity to go there again. 

Time was passing by, Booking was there to help us find accommodation and vacation was ready to start 🙂 Preparations didn’t go smoothly which can be the reason why we had a great holiday in the end 🙂  As amazing as it sounds,  my husband and I went for the first summer vacation alone, in all these years that we are together. 

Due to my previous experience and relative knowledge of the island, we decided to be somewhere near Perissa beach and travel to the rest of the island. The place we have chosen, Ambeli  Apartments was very good, a pool great addition and staff for every praise – excellent knowledge of English, friendly and precipitating. A really big plus of this accommodation are people (Spiros and Marija especially) 🙂 On the first day, since we arrived in the afternoon, we walked along a beach and changed our mode to vacation. The end of August and preparation for the new school year made the crowd I was expecting disappear. The whole next day we spent at the beach and the nice weather and more traffic mobility inspired us to rent a scooter from the following day. Our kind hosts recommended their longtime associates from Motomania and they are really great, too. 

We rent a scooter for four days and spend them all wandering on the island – since the Santorin is not big (18 x 12 km) we wanted to see it all. So, the riding adventure began – every day we got to know the island more and more, going to some hidden places I’d already visited but to let my husband enjoy them too (the Red beach, for example) and to check the main roads. Of course, we visited Fira and Oia on several occasions, one day we spent on the Kamari beach and driving through the island, discovered several hidden, beautiful beaches. Some of them were almost completely wild while two were perfectly decorated with beautiful bars. The sea was, the same as before, clean, pleasant and hospitable enough for us to swim for more than an hour, every time we get in. 

Food was perfect everywhere – we tried all local specialities, Santorini fava – paste from the type of peas, the Saganaki cheese, which is a kind of grilled cheese, always in a “shirt” – from ordinary flour to sesame and honey and everywhere is excellent; then tomato balls, an eggplant salad, and of course Santorini salad that is Greek salad as we know it in Serbia, but with a cherry tomato instead of ordinary, with a caper and of course goat feta cheese. We also had local fish on the menu, but I prefer everything previously listed to fish. We spent one evening in the traditional village of Megalochori, where we saw a wedding in a local church and had dinner in a great restaurant Raki, again on the recommendation of adulterate receptionist Maria. Not to list more – we enjoyed every meal. The local cuisine is excellent and international dishes can be found in many places.

Once again, Santorini took my heart and delighted me. I liked everything and enjoyed it a lot, despite the tiny problems like the allergy to the sun, water or who knows what, which I successfully ignored, until it went away. No allergy was able to spoil the enjoyment and a great mood. Santorini has that power 🙂


Plaža Perisa – Perissa beach

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